Hey ladies! You were stalking our page trying to find out who the heck we are huh?! Do these crazies even have kids? Yes, yes we do. We are Mommy Hackers.



And if you’ve ever…

  • locked yourself in a closet to escape your kids
  • stayed awake at night feeling like there must be an easier way {while eating ice cream}
  • thought you were losing your mind trying to get your shit together
  • searched for solutions to keep you sane
  • left Pinterest in tears (Do moms really do all that?!)
  • felt bipolar. Love my kids, hate my kids…love my kids, hate my kids…


Welcome to the community. Half support group, half mom-rehab, WHOLE mom lifesaver. We have the shortcuts, tips, tricks, and advice to bring you back from the cliff’s edge and into total mommy-bliss.



Even though we all wish we could be the perfect Pinterest mom, deep down we know it’s just an illusion – it’s not gonna happen.

BUT…there is a happy medium between the illusion you see and the mom you really are. We are here to bridge that gap.

Here’s the deal.

We believe that sometimes being a great mom looks like a finished to-do list and kids with combed hair. Other times it looks like everyone’s fed and still breathing.

Regardless of what it looks like, being a great mom should be more simple, ALL THE TIME. We’re here so you end more days in smiles instead of tears. Unless they’re happy tears.


So here it is! Mommy Hacking 101. We’ve got the blog, the podcast, and Mommy Hacking TV, all to make you a great mom WITHOUT losing your mind!

The Blog -This is where you’ll get proven shortcuts to make every aspect of mom-life easier.

The Podcast – Uncut and uncensored thoughts about life, love, and Mommy Hacking from yours truly. Beware…NR.

Mommy Hacking TV – Our web TV show with short 3 to 10 minute videos where we share a simple Mommy Hack that you can use to make motherhood easier TODAY.

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We’re sisters, different in every way except for our long necks, our knack for crazy, and the whole motherhood thing. Crazy doesn’t run in our family…it practically gallops. Joi’s older and Amanda’s younger, each at different stages of the mom life but both wanting the same thing – to make it out alive. (Oh and the kids too. That’s a bonus.)


First there’s Joi…the Alpha Mom Expert. There’s nothing she can’t do…with a badass bandana and caffeine. Seriously though – this chick gets.things.done. She’s older, wiser, and was voted most likely to spontaneously combust in high school. She does Cross Fit classes in her free time, makes the best frittata on earth, and her kids worry that the mama bear inside her is going to land her in prison. She’s a soccer mom, business woman, and total health expert all rolled into one. What’s not to love?

Her pride and joy {and naturally, biggest pain in the butt} are her 3 kids- Timothy, Lydia, and Andrew. Their adorable natures (*read: endless shenanigans*) have led to some of our awesomely awesome Mommy Hacks. You’ll love her. I sure do.


Then there’s Amanda. The Mommy Survival Therapist. She’s newer to the game but started out on double duty with twin girls. That made her a quick expert on sleep-deprivation, the best amount of time to cook hot pockets, (46 seconds just FYI) and how to hide from her kids in the closet like a ninja. Seriously.

In her free time she enjoys long walks on the beach, hot bubble baths, and reading books by the fire……wait what free time?! Really she is a triathlon doing, obsessive coke drinking, hippie at heart who loves shopping and spending time with her kids…almost as much as she loves naptime. She’s part friend therapist, part bad joke teller, and part twin-mom guru, with a side of white girl swagger.

Her little psychos – Sophie and Cambrie are the light in her life. (And also sometimes the darkness. Just sayin’.) Their total mischief and opposite personalities keep her on her toes and always searching for the next life saving Mommy Hack.

This is our life. Welcome to the crazy.