Chores for Kids (stop the madness before its too late!)

Chores for Kids (stop the madness before its too late!)

The words ‘minute + chore’ don’t seem like they go together.

Maybe ‘chore + kill me now’. Yeah, that’s more realistic, right?

You know you’ve been there, feeling like you’ve composed an auto-tune version of “pick up your books”. If only you could make money off that song. Dang.


Gone are the days of nagging your kids about housework, getting more timeouts accomplished than actual chores, and tears being shed by both you AND your precious little delinquents.

HERE are the days of blissful chore-doing. You’re going to feel like Martha-flippin-Stewart.

We’re going to show you how in this video!

Now we’ve got two things for you to do:

Thing #1: SHARE WITH US! Good, better, and best – we are dying to know how your kids responded to The Minute Chore Mommy Hack!

Thing #2: Post the crap out of this Mommy Hack everywhere – help us set Mommies free from chore madness…hallelujah!



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