Healthy Kids 101:
Power Solutions to Have Happy, Healthy…
…And {Mostly Normal} Kids

BB-HealthyKids101BigHere’s the deal.

We know you. We know that you’re a hardworking, doing the job of 20 people, stretched to the limits, mommy. You’re doing the best you can! Some days you put on your Superwoman panties and you make things happen.

{Other days, not so much. You feel like you can’t get all your ducks in a row. All your damn ducks are walking different directions.}

We also know that the health and well-being of your kids is your number ONE priority. That you will stay up at night worrying about them, be on your knees praying for them, and search the internet feverishly for solutions and support you need to help them.

You know what you NEED? You need Mommy Hacking.

At Mommy Hacking, we provide you the best tips, shortcuts, and advice to make your job more simple, and to help you have healthy kids – without losing your mind.

These Mommy Hacks tackle the seemingly uphill battle of raising healthy minions. So put on those Superwoman panties and dig in!

Getting Started:
How to Have Healthy Kids the Easy Way

Do you have trouble getting your kids to eat vegetables? You’re probably the only one. NOT! This Mommy Hack is going to leave your kids begging for more vegetables.

“MOM! I’m huuuuuuuunnnnnngrrrrrrryyyy.” If you wake up in cold sweats at night hearing these haunting words, don’t worry. This Mommy Hack makes giving your kids healthy snacks, or any snacks at all, a piece of cake. {no pun intended}

What if you could change this…

“Bobby, don’t play with your food! Just eat it!” this…

“Actually bobby, play with your food all day long!”

With this Mommy Hack you can trick your kids into eating a well balanced diet, and understanding the kids food pyramid, by making it a game!

And there’s more to come…

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