Healthy Snacks for Kids (even if you have no time and can’t cook)

Healthy Snacks for Kids (even if you have no time and can’t cook)

Your three most favorite words to hear:


It’s like clockwork. Awful, predictable, dreaded clockwork.

Every single day like two seconds before naptime, {ya know, that magical dreamland where Mommy can cut her toenails alone, pee without an audience, or drool over Damon in the latest episode of Vampire Diaries…} my kids flop all over me like dead fish repeating over and over and over and over that they’re ‘hungry.’

So I do what any good {exhausted, desperate} mom would – give them a bag of goldfish and tell them to have sweet dreams.

If only goldfish, fruit snacks, or twinkies were nutritious, I’d be golden.

Buttttttt…..they aren’t.

So what’s a Mom to do?

Prepare incredibly healthy nutritious snacks from scratch right there?


She needs the SNACK ATTACK HACK!

Check it out. And say it five times fast. :)

We’re curious…

What tips and tricks do YOU use to get your kids eating healthy snacks?! Spill in the comment section below!

Do you know someone in desperate need of this Mommy Hack? (Besides yourself?) Send a link of this video to them!



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