Recipes For Kids: It’s Time For Easy, Healthy And Yummy!

Recipes For Kids: It’s Time For Easy, Healthy And Yummy!

We know.

It’s 6 pm, the kids are whining and you haven’t even started dinner. While you throw something together with that squash you bought in an effort to get your kids eating healthier, your kids are throwing tantrums in an effort to make your life hell.

Food is finally on the table, and your daughter, the one with YOUR attitude looks right at her plate, flashes that dramatic, totally disgusted-ewwwwwMom look on her face and says “what IS this?!”

You either try to reason with her, (good luck with that one, she’s a mini YOU.)


You open your mind to a new way. The Mommy Hack way.

You’re going to trick that little sh*t into eating whatever you want to feed her.

Boom. Mom 1, daughter 0.

Check out THIS amazing Mommy Hack for getting your kids to eat veggies, meats, and anything else they have a hard time with.


First, click this link to download our kick-ass Stuffin’ Muffin recipes. *insert link here

Now, hook your girlfriends up! Share this Mommy Hack so they can start tricking their kids too!

P.S. If you think we’re crazy, we TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU to try just ONE of these recipes. Then come back and comment on what happened….



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